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Band saw RP BS400 Premium
Band saw RP BS400 Premium
The RP BS400 Premium is an ideal tape for the turntable, generous size is a great value for money

The BS400 bandsaw offers high quality, industrial features and large capacities to the mid range bandsaw market. This machine brings affordable solid performance and reliability within reach of the discerning woodworker.
Like all bandsaws in the range, a solid cast iron table provides unrivalled stability and solidity. An industrial style cast trunnion supports the table and allows it to be tilted one-handed on a rack and pinion. Dynamically balanced cast iron bandwheels ensure superior strength and reduced vibration - a feature not usually found on other machines at this level. The 2hp motor and 305mm depth of cut mean this machine can cope easily with large timbers yet is also equally capable of fine, precise cuts and veneers.
The exceptional value for money this machine offers is difficult to appreciate without seeing the machine first hand. If you are in the market for a high specification mid-range bandsaw, be sure to seek out the BS400 at your nearest dealer or at one of our many shows and compare it to other bandsaws on the market

Technical data
Model RP BS 400
Art. n° 230 V JRPBS14000M
Max. cutting height 305 mm
Blade width min./Max. 6 / 25 mm
Max. cutting width 416mm
Saw blade length 3378 mm
Table size 535x480 mm
Table inclination 0° / 45°
Diameter wheel 400 mm
Cutting speed 420 / 820 m/1'
Motor power 50 Hz 1500 W
Dimensions 630x850x1800 mm
Net weight 140 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
BS400/W Wheel Kit for BS400
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
SET 3 LAME ASS 6/9/16 mm x BS 400
Item code
Standard equipment
Saw Blade
Team fence
Mitre fence
Suction nozzle 100 mm
Accurate and Easy to Use Blade Guides Blade guides need accurately setting if they are to be of any use – so easy access and adjustment are a must. We believe our guides, similar to those found on industrial machines costing many times more, give even greater support and easier adjustment than ever. When these guides are compared to ball race guides it is clear that they provide far more support. They cover around 3/4” of the blade side rather than the pinpoint contact that ball race guides provide.
Band saw RP BS400 Premium
Cast Iron Band Wheels Are dynamically balanced and provide a flywheel effect for improved cutting performance. Rubber tyres are precision ground for easy blade fitting and smooth drive.
Band saw RP BS400 Premium
Band saw RP BS400 Premium
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