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Wood Band Saw RP BS350S premium
Wood Band Saw RP BS350S premium
An ideal workhorse for the busy workshop where power and generous capacity are required but budget and space do not allow a bigger machine.

This features an open legstand, often requested by our users as it provides greater stability and can be used with an optional pedal style wheelkit. A basic wheelkit is provided as standard. The bandwheels are cast iron and dynamically balanced with precision ground, crowned rubber tyres usually only found on much more expensive industrial machines – the flywheel effect of the cast iron wheels improves cutting performance and speeds.
Our tables are some of the largest in their category and a one piece cast double trunnion has been designed to provide even greater support and rigidity.
The rip fence is the strongest and most industrial in its category with a chromed fence and the mount machined from a single piece of cast iron. The extrusion itself is a heavy section to provide rigidity and accuracy.

Technical data
Model RP BS 350 S premium
Art. n° 230 V JRPBS35000M
Max. cutting height 230 mm
Blade width min./Max. 6 / 19 mm
Max. cutting width 340
Saw blade length 2630 mm
Table size 500x548 mm
Table inclination 0° / 45°
Diameter wheel 350 mm
Cutting speed 380 / 820 m/1'
Motor power 50 Hz 1100 W
Dimensions 780x880x1795 mm
Net weight 100 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
SET 3 LAME ASS 6/9/16 mm x BS 350S
Item code
Trunnion Solid double trunnion table mount for rigid table support featuring one handed rack and pinion table tilt for ease of use and accuracy.
Wood Band Saw RP BS350S premium
Accurate and Easy to Use Blade Guides Blade guides need accurately setting if they are to be of any use – so easy access and adjustment are a must. Our guides, similar to those found on industrial machines give good quality adjustment with minimal need for tools.
Wood Band Saw RP BS350S premium
Cam Action Tensioner With the flick of a handle the tension is released on the blade enabling quick easy changing, but more importantly, when reset, the previous tension is automatically applied to the new blade. This makes blade changing a much simpler task and allows tension to be taken off the blade when not in use.
Wood Band Saw RP BS350S premium
Wood Band Saw RP BS350S premium
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