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Electric winch ESW 250
Electric winch ESW 250
Electric winch with 20 m lift height ESW 250

Hand operation with 5 meter long connection
Mechanical transmission brake holds the load even when switched off
Load hook with swivel
Automatic emergency stop at cable end
Simple and quick installation
With quick coupling for immediate use without
complicated installation
Big Lift
High lifting speed

Technical data
Type ESW 250
Code JUC6199250
Tensile load 250 Kg
Rope lenght 20 m
Ø Rope 4,2 mm
5 m Cable length
Power 1200 W
Voltage 230 V
Traction speed 12 m/min
Dimension mm 257 x 327 x 693
Weight 30 kg
Item code
Electric winch ESW 250