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SPARTAN ZWL 4080 Wood Lathe
This is the bench-top version of the Spartan wood lathe. It can be used with its legs, available on request.
SPARTAN ZWL 4080 Wood Lathe
A professional and portable lathe, compact when not in use but offering generous capacities when you required.

Reinforced structure made of antitorsion electro-welded steel bar, resulting in stability and accuracy.
The professional and powerful induction motor, that works at 230V together with 7 pulleys Poly-V, offers several possibilities of speed at a constant power.
Well-dimensioned spindle, supported by two frontal angular contact ball bearings.
M33x3,5 mm spindle thread with conical collar DIN 800 for safety flange that is included in the standard equipment to fit all chucks and accessories.
9 mm hollow tailstock to enable long hole boring.
Quick release levers, 100 mm stroke on the tailstock.



ZWL4080_9.pngErgonomicSwivel headstock with presets at 40°, 90°, 110° and 180°, that enables to set the head in the most convenient position to suit the item being turned outboard and to turn very large diameter projects. Alignment with the tailstock is ensured by a locking screw, that has to be loosened in order to turn the headstock itself.

 Tool rest
Created with a new design and made from specifically selected materials. Its bar is made of high resistance steel in order to offer a longer durability in comparison with cast iron tool rests as well as abrasion resistance and strength. Furthermore, it is longer for more support especially when hollowing out the inside of workpieces.


How to Block the Movement of the Spindle
Assembling and disassembling operations must be safe. For this reason, included in the pack, there is a Ø 8 mm bar that can be obliquely inserted for stopping the rotatory movement of the spindle.





ZWL4080_3.pngHeavy-duty Headstock
The headstock is removable and solid to give stability during the work.
Since it is heavy (Kg 46), the ejector bar used to take the drive centre away from the spindle, can be also inserted into the headstock itself in order to help its lifting, in order to carry out assembly and installation work safely (2 people required).




 ZWL4080_2.pngControl panel
The lathe features a clear and essential dashboard that allows you to turn the machine on in the rotatory direction required. The potentiometer permits to choose the speed that is shown on a digital readout.
No other electric cables rather than the power cord come out from the headstock for an easy and fast assembly.

100 mm stroke on the tailstock with laser marked graduated scale divided into millimetres. 160 mm diameter hand wheel and quick release lever.


Designed and produced by Gamma Zinken as per modern woodturner’s requirements.

Manufactured entirely in Italy.

Technical data
Model ZWL 4080
Stock number 4135
Diameter over bed 400 mm
Diameter over tool rest 320 mm
Distance nose chuck live centre 750 mm
Spindle thread M33x3,5 + Ø 34 mm
Headstock taper CM 2 (MT 2)
Tailstock taper CM 2 (MT 2)
Tailstock ram capacity 100 mm
 8 Speeds rpm 350, 515, 1050, 1540, 2090, 2640, 3500
Power 1500 W
Headstock passage ø 9.5 mm
Tailstock passage ø 9 mm
Packaging size 1200 x 800 x 550 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1650x310x440 mm
Parts and Accessories
Optional device
Optional device
Leg Stand art no° 4136
The bench-top lathe can be used on a pair of steel support legs.
Item code
4135, ZWL4080M
Standard equipment
270 mm Tool rest
Ø 24 mm interchangeable insert live centre and safe point
Ø 24 mm 4 prong driver centre
Faceplate 70 mm
Reverse rotation Is useful when sanding and smoothing the work piece
SPARTAN ZWL 4080 Wood Lathe
Control panel The lathe features a clear and essential dashboard that allows you to turn the machine on in the rotatory direction required. In the pulleys’ compartment, there is a dashboard
SPARTAN ZWL 4080 Wood Lathe
Easily accessible pulley system, thanks to a wide back door, and ergonomic position of the belt tensioning lever. The Spartan wood lathe has been created with 7 different rotation speeds in order to have a constant power during the activity. In addition, it allows to choose the best speed in each situation, depending on the work.
SPARTAN ZWL 4080 Wood Lathe
SPARTAN ZWL 4080 Wood Lathe
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