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Disc sander JDS 12
Disc sander JDS 12
The sander for the workshop and the workshop model
Cast iron structure, over-sized engine, brake disc and integrated dust extraction fan, can be fitted directly to the micro filter

  •      Robust engine and a good size, can operate continuously
  •      Integrated fan, allows the use of the machine even without a suction plant
  •      Solid worktop 415x245, equipped with hollow "T" for the sliding of the team goniometer and the tip for round, can be tilted from 15 ° to -45 °, the position of 0 ° is adjustable and presettable
  •      Construction heavy and sturdy, prevents vibration
  •      A brake facility to stop the disk in a few seconds, thus increasing the safety for the operator
  •      Cast iron disc 300 mm in diameter with Velcro backing for abrasive discs
Technical data
Model JDS 12
Cod. art 230 V 708433 M
Table size 415 x 245 mm
Table tilt 15° - 45°
Ø disc 300 mm
Speed disc 1400 giri/1'
dust port 100 mm
Power output S1 700 W
Power input S6 950 W
Dimension 530 x 650 x 530 mm
Weight 54 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Grinding disc Ø 300 mm
Art 60 Grit 268264.03
Art 80 Grit 268265.03
Art 100 Grit 266821.03
Art 120 Grit 268267.03
Art 150 Grit 246146.03
Art 180 Grit 268304.03

Section 7201.02 Hard adhesive Velcro (replacement)
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Art. 60-0505
Cleaning stick
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
art. J708434
Filter for dust
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Support legs
Item code
Standard equipment
Team protractor
Exhaust fan built
Suction nozzle 100 mm
Velcro disc
Supplied with adhesive disc and velcro / abrasive G60
Service keys
In addition to the JDS team protractor 12 is also provided with the tip to outline curved pieces
Disc sander JDS 12
The JDS12 can be mounted directly on his legs art.708438 and is suitable for machining polishing and deburring of metals because it is made ​​entirely of cast iron and steel.
Disc sander JDS 12
The filter for dust art. 708 434 is applicable directly to the machine because this is provided with suction fan.
Disc sander JDS 12
Disc sander JDS 12