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Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
For a machine of this capacity and performance, and for where it sits in the market as regards price, the PT300 is hard to fault.

The Startrite SD31 is a compact yet extremely accurate, powerful and easy to use industrial Planer Thicknesser. It has been designed to offer serious home users and smaller professional workshops a high performance solution for accurate dimensioning of timber.
One of the key features of the SD31 is its parallel table lift design. Changeover from planing to thicknessing mode is fast and easy - Simply loosen the cam action table locks and lift the entire table assembly, including the fence, in one movement. The tables themselves are heavily ribbed and made from cast iron, giving more than adequate support for even the heaviest timbers. In addition they are an impressive 1400 mm in length - Ideal for planing long timbers accurately.
For a smooth, superior finish, the cutter block has 3 knives and the outfeed roller is rubber coated to reduce marking of the timber as it is fed from the machine.
The thicknessing bed is mounted to a heavy duty central column for excellent support. The bed is easily adjusted using the large hand wheel to the side of the machine and there is also a table lock mechanism to eliminate any play, aiding the accuracy of the cut.
Easy to use, powerful and accurate, the SD31 gives professional performance and results in a compact and cost effective package.
Technical data
Model SD 31
Code art 230V JRPPT031M
Maximum planing width 300 mm
aluminium planing stop 90° /- 45°
Max. chipping 3 mm
Number of cutting knifes 3
Min / Max spessore 6/230 mm
Infeed speed 5 m/min.
Suck off nozzle Ø 100 mm
Engine power 230 V/50 Hz 2200 W
Dimensions LxWxH in mm 1407x745x1005 mm
Weight 175 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Item code
Standard equipment
Set of 3-speed steel knives
Switch electromagnetic release
Protection according to CE
Suction nozzle for external extraction
Cutter Block The three knife cutter block, anti kickback fingers and rubber coated outfeed roller safely provide an excellent finish.
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
Easy Changeover Simply lift the outfeed table to change to thicknessing mode. The fence and mount are attached to the table and will swing out of the way in one easy and space saving operation.
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
Heavy Duty Fence The industrial style fence is supported on a large cast iron mount and attached to the outfeed table using a further cast iron mount. The fence can tilt up to 45º and is quickly and easily reset to 90º with the aid of an adjustable stop
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
Precision Adjustment Smooth and accurate adjustment of the infeed table is achieved with ease using the clear scale for reference.
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
Integral Guard The cutterblock guard is attached to the table, eliminating the need to remove it when changing to thicknessing mode - it simply flips from one position to the other.
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31
Planer Thicknesser RP SD 31