Raised panel cutter - Left
Raised panel cutter - Left
It is an innovative platband. It allows the user to work with the workpiece laid directly on the work-bench and since the knives are towards the work-bench of the machine, the safety for the user is increased, because the cutter has no cutting edges (blades) which sticks out of the upper part.
The tool feed will be softer because the material removal is subdivided between the knives, which realize the inclined surface, and the outer profiled knives.
It is available in special light alloy execution and is supplied with the profiled knives drawing C1 s and the reversible straight knives
already assembled.
The straight knives are reversibile: one side is straight and the other one is curved.
The profiled knives standard supplied can be replaced with some other profiles.


Profiles obtained with standard blades mounted


Profiles with optional blades

Technical data

Body of light alloy



ht   Z Art øf 30 mm Art øf 35 mm Art øf 40 mm Art øf 50 mm
180 25   2 1966      
200 25   2   1967 3361  


Parts and Accessories
Standard Spare parts
L h S-ht Codice
50 20 2 184410605 Profiled knife
25 19 2 184011910 Profiled knife C1s
M6 959230614 Grub
E 3 900110300 Exagonal Key
Optional spare parts
L h S-ht Code
50 20 2 184410785 Knife
25 19 2 184011920 Profiled knife C2s
25 19 2 184011930 Profiled knife C3s
25 19 2 184011940 Profiled knife C4s
25 19 2 184011950 Profiled knife C5s
Item code
1966, 1967, 3361
Raised panel cutter - Left