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Cylindrical Cuttes With Threathed Shank
The drills "historical" in the woodworking falagnameria
These drills are characterized by the attack internally threaded.
The thread is M12x1, also called attack ELU, also used by Felisatti, etc. Zinken.
10MA connection (M10x1, 5) or attack Scheer.
These two attacks have been used over the years 50 and 60 from the two German companies, and until the 70's and 80 other companies like Felisatti or Zinken, many other manufacturers have adopted this attack simple and safe clamping.

Have been abandoned since the early 90 because the wear on the machines of the thread over the years results in a lower percisione processing for the eccentricity effect of locking, a greater wear of the tools for the vibrations, an increase of production costs of the tools.
Cylindrical Cuttes With Threathed Shank


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