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Metal band saw MBS56cs
Metal band saw MBS56cs
Saw blade with tape hydraulic descent rotation of the arm, specific for cutting tubular
The machines MBS have as main characteristic the arm rotating mower, in other words are made to make inclined cuts.
The MBS 56 CS has a hydraulically controlled automatic lowering, has no lubricating and cooling system, but if you want you can mount as an option later.

• Fully-hydraulic down feed system for automatic continuous lowering of the saw
• 3 Blade speeds allows cutting of different materials
• Automatic power shut-off after cut
• Adjustable material stop for serial production
• Saw arm swivels -45° right and +60° left

Technical data
Model MBS 56 CS
Code 400V 50000320M
Cutting capacity 90°

Ø 125 mm

Quad.125 mm

Rett. 150 x 125 mm

Cutting capacity 45°

Ø 95 mm

Quad. 75 mm

Cutting capacity 60°

Ø 44 mm

Quad. 44 mm

Size blade 13 x 0,6 x 1640 mm
Saw arm adjustment -45° ÷ 0 ÷ 60°
Ø blade wheel 187 mm
Speed blade : 3 20- 30 - 50 m/1'
Power output 230 V S1 100%
350 W
Power input 230 V  S6 40% 650 W
Weight 80 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Spare parts
Spare parts
Art. JC123.013
Bi-metal saw blade 8/12 TPI
Item code
Standard equipment
• Bi-metal saw blade 10/12 TPI
• Adjustable material stop
• Fully-hydraulic down feed system
• Cabinet stand with chip tray and mobile base
If you have to cut tubes and bars this is the right machine has hydraulically controlled descent and all steel gears.
Metal band saw MBS56cs
Metal band saw MBS56cs
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