Scolpicomodo 2012 version
This ingenious accessory supports the sculpture during the workmanship in the most ergonomic position, with a great benefit for your back.

It can be tipped up from 0° (horizontal) to 90° (vertical), rotated of 30° (rightward and leftward). It allows you to rotate the sculpture of 90°
without taking it away from the centres. Minimum length of the piece 90 mm, maximum 780 mm
Build with a strong galvanized sheet iron, it weighs 7,7 Kg and has to be fixed at a bench.

Technical data
Art 1696
L min 90 mm
L max 780 mm
Inclinazione frontale -90°/ 0°
Inclinazione laterale /- 30°
Peso 7 Kg
Item code
Detail of the base with the screws you can bring from horizontal to vertical position of the support
On the torsion bar in the robust support section of the sculpture can be moved to any position