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Electronics Wood lathe CL4
Photo with optional accessories: JRPWL0043 CLB3 Outrigger and JRPWL0011 DML 24S Tubular Leg Stand
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
Many professional turners get the most valuable works by exploiting the potential of the electronic inverter to vary the speed.

Most serious and professional woodturners have realised the benefits of infinitely variable speed control.
This allows the user to run the lathe at just the right speed for the job, with a simple turn of a dial. The speed can be varied from 13rpm to 4600rpm*.
Newly upgraded, the electronics and inverter are now housed in a dust proof
metal enclosure certified to ip 55 standard.
This offers even greater levels of protection for the advanced control circuits. This speed control unit should not be confused with cheap and inferior expanding pulley systems, which have limited speed ranges,
often have vibration problems and due to the inherent weakness in their design, wear belts at a rapid rate. The CL4 uses a 3 phase motor and inverter to provide the power and is a truly professional solution, used throughout the machine tool industry.
The CL series has long been at the heart of the Record Power range of woodturning lathes, having found their way into countless workshops of both professional and hobbyist woodturners for many decades. This new updated range builds on all the great design features that have made the previous machines so consistently popular, with a number of improvements and developments to give even greater performance and value for money.
The bed bars of both machines have increased diameters for improved stability and their length has been revised to be a more compact and practical 24” in length. Optional bed bar extensions are available for those who turn very large items between centres. The spindle thread of the lathes has been increased in size to the popular M33 thread, bringing it in line with our heaviest duty lathes to give unsurpassed solidity and increasing compatibility across the range.
The headstock features easy maintenance sealed-for-life bearings, 2 at the front and 1 at the rear of the spindle, providing excellent support for the movement of the spindle. The spindle itself is hollow, allowing a knockout bar to be used to aid removal of headstock accessories.
The tailstock, which now features a 2 Morse taper barrel, also has an upgraded hand wheel to the rear, making movement of the barrel much easier. The tool rest has an improved one-piece cast design with a larger 1” diameter stem, giving a more sturdy base to turn from with increased support for the chisel.
The CL4 features the famous VSLK variable speed unit, offering incredible versatility with its responsive variable speed change.
Shown with optional leg stand.
Technical data
Code art 220V JRPWL0040M (110042)
Model CL 4
Max bowl dia. over bed 305 mm
Max spindle dia. over tool rest 200 mm
Spindle taper MT 2
Spindle tailstock MT 2
Tailstock travel 50 mm
Spindle THREAD M33x3.5 mm

13 ÷ 4600

Index bloccaggio albero mandrino -
Swivel head da 0 ° a 90°
Power 760W ( 1HP)
Dimension 600x 1025 x 381 mm
Weight 90kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Optional bed bar extensions, now with larger 40 mm diameter.
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
CLB3 Eases the turning of bowls and allows larger capacities to be achieved. Can be used on a bench or stand. Includes CWA180 tubular bowl rest.
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
RPLB24-48 Adjustable Lathe Bench Choosing the right workbench for you lathe is vital for successful turning. The RPLB24-48 has been specifically designed to add great support to your turning. The splayed legs and steel construction gives rigidity, enabling large projects to be undertaken. The best base for your Record lathe.
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
CLO/C Cam Lock Tool Rest for CL Lathe
Can also be added to enable use of CLO/H Toolrest.
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
CLO/H 17” Tool Rest For use when turning long spindles, because of its increased length the user doesn’t need to move the banjo up and down the bed bars as often. Please note an additional banjo assembly is required to use this toolrest, part no. CLO/C.
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
CLO/J 10” Tool Rest Cast iron replacement 10” toolrest. For use with all CL-CAM series lathes and CL3B bowl rest.
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
AVTR 5” Tool Rests Ideal for small intricate turning, comes into its own on small spindle turning which is less than 10 inches between centres
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
CWA180 Tubolar tool rest
Item code
JRPWL0040M (110042)
Standard equipment
* Support tool 250 mm
* Fixed tailstock
* Driving center
Variable Speed Unit Newly improved and now more efficient. Provides simple, responsive and smooth speed change at the turn of a dial. This unit is assembled in the UK using components from a high quality German supplier. It is the industrial solution to variable speed control. Most turning can be achieved safely and effectively between 400 and 2000rpm. The higher speeds are only to be used by experienced turners who have had adequate training and observe all recommended safety and operating procedures.
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
Massive Capacity With a 36” capacity between centres and the ability to turn up to a 30” bowl when using the optional CL3/B all your turning needs can be catered for. Capacity 12” bowl capacity over bed, 30” with headstock swivelled.
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
Tailstock Heavy duty tailstock within a cast iron construction gives stability and support to the workpiece. It is hollow to enable easy ejection of centres and allow for long hole boring and also features easy to use cam locks.
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
Bed Bars The solid steel chromed bed bars add weight, rigidity and strength while providing smooth travel for head, tail and toolrest banjo.
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
Electronics Wood lathe  CL4
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