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Bits for mortise square
Bits for mortise square
The tips for mortise square consist of a square and a chisel tip inner rotary member, the inner tip is held just protruding from the inside of the chisel so that the material is milled and porated out of the hole.

Code Bit mortise "Master"
J10003300 3 mm
J10003306 6 mm
8 mm
9 mm
J10003310 10 mm
J10003311 11 mm
J10003312 12 mm
J10003314 14 mm
J10003315 15 mm
J10003316 16 mm
J10003319 19 mm
J10003324 24 mm
Technical data
Item code
J10003300, J10003306, J10003308, J10003309, J10003310, J10003311, J10003312, J0003314, J10003315, J10003316, J10003319, J0003324