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Dust collector JDC 1100 A
Dust collector JDC 1100 A
Extractor with innovative Vortex system that increases the efficiency and suction capability

Extractor single and double lot, apparently a normal extractor, but underneath lies a quiet efficient machine that can also mount a cartridge for micro powder.
These vacuum cleaners have the innovative Vortex system  

  •  Conception professional and high efficiency of the motor and the impeller / auger
  •      Balanced impeller for vibration and low noise
  •      The dust collection bag is attached with an elastic band for easy and immediate replacement of the bag chips
  •      Mounted on wheels for maximum mobility
  •      Epoxy powder coating
  •      Wide range of accessories available to create your vacuum system
  •      canister filter  for micro powder (optional )

Everyone knows that with the nermali extractor when the bag is half full yield dropped by 80% because the chip does not have the space to slow down and fall and end up clogging the filter bag. With the Vortex system this JDC1100A-vortex.pngdoes not happen!

What is the Vortex system

It is a system for channeling the flow of air and particulates (dust and shavings) vesro the collection bag and to prevent particulate matter from reaching the filter bag. This system allows to slow down and precipitate the shavings and dust quickly increasing the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and the yield in terms of cleanliness and accumulation of particulate.

JDC_Vortex-2.pngThe system is powder-coated steel, is not consumed and does not lose its effectiveness over time without intervention, the life and functionality of the filter bag or cartridge microfilter option increases considerably.




The photo on the right shows the vacuum cleaner with microfilter optional cartridges

Technical data
Model JDC 1100 A
Cod. art 230 V 261111 - 708639 M
Cod. art 400 V 261113 - 708639 T
Collector bag capacity 200 Lt
Filter cloth 30 μm
Dust inlet diameter 150 mm
Reduction hose 2 x 100 mm
Total Air flow 1x1620 m3/h
Air flow at dia.Ø 100 2x1150 m3/h
Vacuum pressure 1700 Pa
Dimension mm 940x510x2000
Power output 1100 W
Noise level 80 dB (A)
Weight 55 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
2 micron Canister filter
Cartuccia microfiltro
J708737 - DC-950A
J708739 - DC-1100A
( necessari 2 pz. per DC-1900A)
Item code
261111, 261113, J708639M, J708639T
Standard equipment
Filter bag
Swarf bag
Nozzle Ø 150 mm 2 x 100 mm with reduction for JDC 1100
Pivoting wheels
Dust collector JDC 1100 A
Dust collector JDC 1100 A
Dust collector JDC 1100 A
Dust collector JDC 1100 A
Dust collector JDC 1100 A
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