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Router table JRT 1
Router table JRT 1
Tour pre milling machine to use as a small spindle moulder.

Milling is not simple, sometimes the pieces are small and it is difficult to keep them steady and simultaneously operate the milling machine resting on the workpiece, in these cases it is essential for the use of the bench milling machine that allows us to fix the machine and to have hands free , and in full view, to operate the piece and work safely.


  • Convert the elettrofresatrice in a bench moulder
  • You milling Please install up to P1 = 1600W
  • Equipped with magnetic switch for safety
  • The table with extensions gives you a total of 1030 mm Support piece
  • Complete guide goniometric sliding in the plane
  • Pressure of fence
  • Support team complete with transparent protection and chip conveyor for suction


Technical data
Model JTR 1
Code art 10000760M
Safety switch 230V, 50-60Hz, Max 1600W (P1)
Table size 610 x x360 mm
Table size with extensions 1030 x 360 mm
Size parallel fence 540-610 x 75 mm
Dust port Ø 100 / 57 mm
Ø max tool 50 mm
Dimension 1030 x 360 x 410 mm
Weight 10 Kg
Item code
Standard equipment
Electromagnetic switch security
Reductions hole plan
Suction connection
Guide goniometric
Side extensions
Router table JRT 1
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