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Drum sander JWDS 1020
Drum sander JWDS 1020
The Drum sanding machine JET JWDS 1020 for modeling, robust and fine adjustment of parallelism designed for those with small objects

The Drum sanding machine JET JWDS 1020 for modeling, robust structure, oversized motor and fine adjustment of parallelism make this machine a gem designed for those with small objects to calibrate

Constructed with one open side, it allows sanding widths 508 mm in two passes

Drum with dustproof and lifetime-lubricated grooved ball bearings

Precision-machined and dynamically balanced extruded aluminum drum is designed to dissipate heat and protect  surface from heat-damage

Drum hood with integrated guide channels for the ultimate   extraction and a dust-free environment

Adjusting tool alignment is quick and accurate by shifting  feed table, with memory function

Feed bed made from precision rolled steel plate, deeply ribbed

Height scale and crank scale ring allow precise positioning

Powerful motor offers the advantages of heavier use for longer periods of time

An infinitely variable feed rate of 0–3 m/min for maximum sanding results

Height-adjustment handle allows significant height changes and 1/10 mm adjustments for extremely precise sanding thickness control

A patented quick fastener mounted on the inside wall of the drum holds the abrasive strip tight on one side while a spring-loaded mechanism pulls on the other end to remove any slack

Technical data
Model JWDS 1020
Cod. art 230 V J723510M
Width Drum 255 mm
Width max 510 mm
Min. length  60 mm
Min. thickness 0,8 mm
Max. thickness 75 mm
Size drum 127 x 255 mm
Speed conveyor 0 - 3 m/1'
Speed drum 1400 giri/1'
Dust port 100 mm
Power 750 W
Dimension 682 x 455 x 455 mm
Weight 33 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Article 608005
Extension shelves for long workpieces

Spare parts:
Article 60-0310-P
Conveyor G100
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Roll of sanding belt 25 m cut to size
Art 306399.01 Grit 60 G
Art 306400.01 Grit 80 G
Article 100 G 306401.01 Grit
Article 120 G 306402.01 Grit
Article 150 G 306403.01 Grit
Article 180 G 306404.01 Grit
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Cleaning stick
Optional accessory:
Optional accessory:
Art. 608004
Stand with non-slip feet
Item code
Standard equipment
• Sanding belt 80 G
• Conveyor belt with 100 grit surface
The special system for tensioning the tape keeps it taut during processing, thus ensuring a perfect finish
Drum sander JWDS 1020
The 10-20 plus is a counter machine, but can also be fitted on its support.
Drum sander JWDS 1020
Drum sander JWDS 1020
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