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Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
A lower vertical router or as it is commonly called milling machine
The best machine on the market for crafts and hobby segment

  • Large and often cast-iron ground
  • Integrated structure in electro welded steel
  • The height of the shaft is adjustable with accuracy through the bulk handwheel
  • The attack machine is tapered and can mount the shaft Ø 30 mm or pliers 8 and 12 mm
  • The large cast fence encloses the effective suction nozzle of 100 mm and support output is adjustable micrometer mind for 20 mm
  • Plungers for guiding the work piece
  • The optimum transmission is ensured by a Poly V-belt and can easily set 4 speed, 1700, 3500, 6000, 8000 rpm
  • Speed ​​set easily through window
Technical data
Model JWS 34 KX
Code art 230 V 708502 KXM
Code art 400 V 708502 KXT
Table size 540 x 635 mm
Speeds 1700 - 3500 - 6000 - 8000 rpm
Ø spindle 30 mm
Stroke spindle 80 mm
Spindle hight 70 mm
Table hole 160 mm
Ø max tool under table 120 mm
Ø max tool 180 mm
Router bit collet size-Ø 8 e 12 mm
Ø dust port 100 mm
Power 230 V 2600 W
Power 400 V 2800 W
Weight 145 Kg
Parts and Accessories
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Set of sanding rollers, consisting of tree, rubber dinghies and a series of rollers 80 grit diameter 25, 38, 50, 75, 100 x 230 mm
Optional accessory
Optional accessory
Tenon unit
Item code
J708502KXM, J708502KXT
Standard equipment
Spindle 30 mm
Pliers adjusted Ø 8 mm and 12 mm
Workpiece hold-
Guide with fine adjustment
Suction nozzle 100 mm
Reduction rings
Team protractor ± 60 °
Switch electromagnetic release
BG for dust emission
The linear guide is provided with micrometer adjustment on the output part
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
The JWS34KX comes standard with the headset-templet guide curvilinear R75 mm
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
The guide goniometer supplied can rotate by 60 ° to -60 ° and has 3 presetting recordable at 0 ° and 45 °
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
The JWS34KX has 4 and the selected one sees from the window
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
The JWS34KX can assemble at 1400 rpm / 1 ' also sanding sleeves
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
The hole in the floor of the machine accommodates tools from Ø 140 mm and is provided with two reductions in cast iron. The guard has a particular shape that facilitates the extraction of the chip, can accommodate rotors up to Ø 180 mm.
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
Spindle moulder JWS-34KX
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